Life Coach, Psychologist, Personal Trainer or JUST do it on my own?

So, you keep hearing the buzz all about Life Coaching this Life Coaching that...and now, you’ve FINALLY decided to do a little bit of research on what this Life Coaching thing is.  Well, let me give you a very quick summary.  Life Coaching is a BILLION DOLLAR industry with over 45,000 Life Coaches around the world charging from ZERO to 10,000+ for “transformation.”

Ok…GREAT…but, what exactly is Life Coaching? Life Coaching was born from Humanistic Psychology in the mid-1940s.  Basically, a Life Coach is similar to a Therapist/Psychologist with a couple of BIG differences.

1.   A Therapist helps you with your past, a Life Coach helps you with your future.

"You are a sum of your past experiences coupled with your present"

(David Armstrong)

2.   A Life Coach has the tools to help you set and achieve BIG goals in your life.  Even things you only imagined being able to do a Life Coach can bring it out of you and help you succeeded.

3.  ROI – Return On Investment, see when you invest in yourself you can’t put a dollar amount on the ROI because YOUR potential is “Unlimited” so, with the right Life Coach in your corner you could earn a MILLION $’s your first year, become happier than you ever imagined or have the best relationships ever.

Taking the step to hire a Life Coach could be scary and risky but, when you find the RIGHT match for you…you will feel like your entire life is “UNLIMITED” and you’ll feel, look and be full of potential you only imagined you had.

Consider UPNA today, your first session is free and you will definitely understand right away that you can immediately see the benefits of what we can give.