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Coach's Circle!


Welcome to Coach's Circle!  I want to say that I really appreciate you joining our community. We developed Coach's Circle because there was a VOID in the Life Coaching community.  The void was the lack of a place to collaborate, learn, and share.    

What can you expect...

 - Monthly blogs that are free for you to use, repost and share

- A monthly video put out by me or my team of Life Coaches that are strictly focused on growing your knowledge or skills as a Life Coach.

- THIS IS BIG!  Monthly webinars that are guided with a specific topic by myself or my team and everyone tuning in will be encouraged to share or contribute.  These guided discussions are HUGE and you will see how much you learn, grow, rethink, and experience from them.

- Lastly, you will have a PRIVATE place to vent, chat, or collaborate with our open forum.  

This is HUGE and I think will fill the void of interaction our community is lacking.

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