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The Inspire to Aspire Youth Empowerment Program

(IAYEP) was formed when Sensei Dave read an article

regarding recidivism rates of adults in prison. The report, from The Center For Economic Policy Research, stated that "70% of youth experiencing Juvenile Detention will end up in prison as an adult."


In some states, the % actually went up to 85% over the last 10 years.

These statistics are scary and extremely sad. To know that so many kids with no agency over where they happen to be born, who their parents happen to be, and what they happen to have experienced in their lives are destined to be incarcerated/end up in prison. This is disheartening, and we knew that something different and dramatic had to be done to change the statics surrounding our youth.


After much reflection on his lived experience in the Foster Care and Juvenile Justice System, research, and investigation, Sensei Dave and his team have developed a program that is the “missing piece” for youth experiencing Foster Care and youth in the Juvenile Justice System.

Group of Friends

I want to see our youth coming out of the system THRIVE not just survive.  20,000+ youth age out every year ill-prepared

and unequipped for success. 

We are changing this NOW!

The Program

The Inspire to Aspire Youth Empowerment program has three essential parts that help our youth obtain real "success." 

  • Forming intrinsic motivation and giving hope for their future.

  • Equipping our youth with essential skill sets, and tangible expertise that are vital for self-confidence and self-efficacy.  Skills such as resiliency, meditation, journaling, breathing techniques for anger management, anti-bullying, goal setting, and much more.

  • Training caring adults, support staff, teachers, Social Workers, and non-profit volunteers on ways to be more impactful with the youth they serve.

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Sensei Dave began his journey in juvenile detention, foster care, and group homes starting at age 11.  Shortly thereafter his mother passed away and he was left without any family or relatives.  Young Dave had no hope for his future and nothing seemed to matter to him.  He began running with gangs, robbing, fighting, and consistently in and out of detention.   His "destiny" was written, he would end up like most of the youth that came from the streets...DEAD OR IN PRISON.

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After serving 24 years in the U.S. Air Force Sensei Dave decided to write his autobiography "Why Me" My Fight For Life and launch his business Unlimited Potential Network Academy.   Dave has served as VP, Board of Directors for non-profits, served as ED of his own Martial Arts Mentoring Program for "at-risk" youth, owned and operated several successful Martial Arts Schools, and has received several awards and accolades for his 20+ years of service towards our youth.
"I survived the system because of three essential things that I am on a mission to help our youth with right now.  our youth need HOPE, without hope we have nothing to look forward to, nothing to strive toward, no "why."  Our youth need to know that they have the skills and self-confidence to achieve their goals and become successful in their lives.  Lastly, they need caring adults in their corner.  But, showing up as a "caring adult" isn't enough.  Our caring adults need training and need to KNOW they are making a difference in our youth's lives.