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Sensei Dave Armstrong was a product of a broken family, foster care, youth correction facilities, and a deceased, only parent at the age of 13. As an “at-risk” youth and a “product” of the inner-city educational system, young Sensei Dave was predestined to run with gangs, NOT graduate high school and be dead or in jail by the age of 18. After his mother passed away Sensei Dave lost all contact with his family and was in and out of boys homes, juvenile hall, and foster homes in San Bernardino, California for over 5 years. BUT…along the way he was influenced by two AMAZING people; his CASA, Ron Barnick, an Air Force pilot and Sensei Otto Johnson, his first Martial Arts Instructor. Without their mentoring Sensei Dave Armstrong would not have been able to mentor, guide, help, and motivate 100’s if not 1000’s of youth, mentors, foster parents, and board members.


Sensei Dave now is retired after 24 years of service to our country in the United States Air Force he has also sat on the Board of Directors as Vice President for non-profit organizations, created his own Martial Arts Mentoring program and owned three martial arts schools (Faith Martial Arts Inc.) in the United States. As a U.S. Air Force Veteran Sensei Dave has been able to travel and see the world, spreading his positive and motivational personality from country to country.


Currently, Sensei Dave is retired in the country of Greece and writing a truly inspirational autobiography. He is also an Executive/Leadership Life Coach and is currently developing his own Life Coaching (COACH COACHING) Program to help others become AMAZING Life Coaches.  Sensei Dave seems to never stop moving and wanting to help and motivate people!


He has been able to influence so many people young and old in his lifetime he wishes to continue to help and spread HOPE.




Young Ryan was full of ambitions and dreams,  but gained many limiting beliefs during his childhood and teenage life, through his family and friend-ly environment. However, he kept dreaming and wanting to achieve these dreams. 


While studying Shipping Management in university, Ryan was planning to create his own business in the future and believed that studying management would enable him to do it. After finishing university though, he had his first experience with personal development seminars, and at that moment, he realized that after three years in university, he knew nothing about business and managing people.  As he was consuming more and more content of personal development and skill-building material, he grew a passion and totally immersed himself in it, with the decision to achieve what he wanted. 


After Ryan finished with the “school, university, army” scheme, he started living one other dream of his, he got involved with modeling and started enjoying amazing experiences like runways and photo shootings for various designers and brands, and meeting other great male and female models. 


As far as relationships were concerned, Ryan wasn’t very good with girls as a teenager, and he could not understand why.  He was trying to find answers, to understand what was happening and where he, despite his potential, was screwing things up. After many years of continuous search, he met some people that one after the other, knew the rules of the social game and were successful with girls and generally in life. With the commitment to change and become a better person, and improve his social interactions and relationships, he started making a mindset shift and changing old limiting beliefs with new empowering ones for better health, wealth and relationships in his life. 


Unlimited Potential is our way both for my partner Dave and me to give back the help that was given to us when we needed it and was searching for it.

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