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    I remember back in 1998, it was the first time I was placed in a leadership position.  It was SCARY...I mean, now I'm "in charge" of people and responsible for not only MYSELF but, for what they do.  Although the Air Force does properly groom a person for their first "leadership position" I was still afraid, apprehensive and a bit in awe.  

    So, things of course went well, I had leaders around me that were experienced and willing to help me along the way.  "BUT WHAT IF"...what if I had someone there in my corner that I could talk to, that I could bounce ideas off of, without judgment.  WHAT IF, I could be pushed to be creative, innovative, and thoughtful.  Pushed beyond my own self-imposed limits...

    This is EXACTLY why I'm here for you.  I guarantee you will grow faster in your leadership abilities as well as feel more productive and at ease at what you do...LEADING.  You will feel more creative and you will learn Coaching, Collaboration, and Persuading techniques to run your office or business.  

* "Why Dave and not another Coach or even a Leadership Seminar?"

    My Bio says it all, but let me be specific with you.  I've been able to come

from NOTHING and make a lot of myself, not only that, I care about you

and your productivity as well as what you give to this world.  If I can

bestow my vast amount of professional training and life experience upon

you, in order to help you become a better leader, why not. 

Helping others is what I do...and I do it BEST!

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